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As an independent life insurance advisor I would be more than happy to help you find a comprehensive wealth strategy and create a protection plan for you and your family. Its never too late to protect those we love.

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When it comes to my practice, discipline is always my top priority. I’ve completed the necessary licensing requirements and always pursue professional skills and training so that I can put the latest industry knowledge to work for you.

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Do I Need Protection for me and my family?

Here’s how to
decide if life insurance is worth it.

Life insurance is meant to protect your beneficiaries. Imagine leaving your family behind with absolutely nothing; they would have to cover the cost of your funeral, kid’s education, mortgage, taxes and so much more. Life insurance ensures that they are taken care of and provided for. I can do more than life insurance protection, because accidents and sickness can happen any time and to anyone, at any age, to both kids and adults.

Your life is constantly changing: having a family, buying a home, changing jobs, facing health issues, transferring your business, planning your retirement. That’s why I will make sure your financial strategy is in step with your reality, while growing your assets and maintaining your quality of life.

We will rely upon the comprehensive review of your situation and your goals that we undertook together to guide us through good times and bad. No matter what life has in store for you, you can always count on me. I’m on your corner, always there to help you stay the course and push your limits. Together, we’ll do more.

The benefit of getting life insurance or any other benefits earlier in life is that it will be less expensive because you are less likely to pass away. The premium can last your entire life and be relatively inexpensive when you are younger. Of course, there are other factors taken into consideration when you are applying, such as your health.

Overall, life insurance is extremely important because it leaves your family and beneficiaries protected for life and provided for. This leaves the ones you love with funds to cover your funeral costs and much more. If you choose to start earlier in life, this will give them even more and cost you even less. This can make a very big difference with your beneficiaries and how you leave them. Right now is the cheapest time to buy life insurance because you are still alive.

Lineth Orea
Independent Life Insurance Advisor

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