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How much life insurance do you need?

Life insurance is a necessity if your family depends on your salary for housing expenses, servicing debt, and general living.  But how much life insurance do you need? We can use a this simple rule L oans and debts I  income remplace F final expenses E education D(ebt) We’ll start with how much debt you…

Why life insurance should be part of estate planning for new parents

From decorating a nursery to baby-proofing a home, becoming a new parent comes with a long checklist of to-dos. It’s a significant life change and it can impact everything in your life. While it’s not the most fun to think about, one part of being a new parent that is commonly overlooked is end-of-life planning.…

Updating your existing life insurance policy

Having a child is a common trigger to purchase life insurance, but some people purchase life insurance during other life events, such as after getting married or buying a home. So you may already have life insurance You may also have life insurance coverage through your employer benefits program, but be sure to check the…


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