Kids Protection


Your child’s happiness health and well-being is a priority. Health Priorities – Child ensures your child stays protected into adulthood for covered critical illnesses.

Health Priorities – Child, Term 20 is critical illness insurance that is renewed every 20 years until the child reaches 75 years old. It pays a tax-free lump-sum benefit following the diagnosis of one of the 26 covered critical illnesses or conditions but does not cover the 6 children illnesses offered as additional coverage. It also offers optional return of premium on death and no survival period for cancer.

Families who wish to insure their child’s future are the target market for this product.

• Financial protection should your child suffer a serious illness

• Offer your child the foundation for a good financial plan

• Flexibility and freedom to use the benefit however you need with the ability to:
– Take time off work to help your child recover
– Get prescription drugs or specialized treatments not covered by public health insurance or your employer’s plan How it works Health Priorities
– Child pays a tax-free lump-sum if your child is diagnosed with a covered critical illness. 29 illnesses and conditions, including 3 childhood illnesses are covered. Likely, your child will remain healthy. After the 20-year premium payment period, if no claims are made:

• You can choose to receive a refund of the premiums you’ve paid—these funds can help pay for your child’s education, provide the down payment for their first home, or even fund a business venture or

• You can transfer ownership of the policy to your child—they’ll get paid-up, valuable lifelong cover