Six Reasons Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance

A vacation is really an investment in your happiness. And when that vacation starts off with a canceled flight, a missed connection, a missing bag or another travel hiccup, that happy travel feeling fades. Travel insurance can help make these situations better.
After saving for a while, you’ve just paid $3,000 for your long-awaited trip to Iceland. Whew! You know you should probably buy travel insurance, too, but your finger hesitates over the “buy now” button. “Is travel insurance really worth it?” you wonder. “I could spend that money on a nice dinner in Reykjavik instead… Why should I buy travel insurance? What does it even do for me?” We’re so glad you asked. 1. Because medical emergencies often happen while traveling. 2. Because it can be really expensive to get emergency medical care overseas. 3. Because you can’t risk losing money on an emergency trip cancellation. 4. Because cruise lines really hate giving refunds. 5.Because delayed and cancelled flights are common. 6.Because peace of mind is priceless.
Whether you’re planning a solo adventure or a grand, multi-generational getaway, the whole point is to relax and enjoy the journey. Travel insurance can ease your anxiety because you know you have protection in case of common travel mishaps. Not only that, but you know you’re never alone.
Remember You can buy travel insurance if you are going to travel between Canada and outside Canada.
Another important thing If you are going to received family, friends, parents you also can have an emergency medical plan.

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