Critical Illness for child

As a parent, you always do the best you can for your child. If your child is diagnosed with a serious illness like autism, type one diabetes, or cancer, would you not do everything within your power to help? You are spending your hard-earned cash to provide a healthy lifestyle and opportunities for your child.

Would you consider spending a few dollars more each day for protection from the dire consequences of a serious illness? Our health priority plans will provide you with a lump sum of tax-free cash in the event of your child is diagnosed with one of the covered conditions. Access to tax free cash can give you choices you do not normally have in a confined an overburdened medical system and help alleviate stress caused by:

• Taking time away from work • lost of income and lifestyle • taking care of your family and your sick child • trave for medical treatments Don’t let critical illness compromise your child’s future. Give your child every chance to enjoy life and realize their hopes, ambitions, and goals.

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